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  • Sockwell Women's Orbital Compression Knee-High

    Sockwell Women's Orbital Compression Knee-High

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    With lively stripes and fresh colors, the Sockwell Orbital Graduated Compression sock adds a little leg love to your day. Spun with a yarn blend of fine Merino wool and rayon from bamboo and featuring an ultra-light cushion sole, arch support and a seamless toe closure, these socks feel as great as they look.

    Moderate graduated compression (15-20 mmHG) is designed to improve circulation and reduce moderate swelling.

    Why choose Sockwell Compression Socks? Compression on the lower legs effectively encourages blood return from your legs and feet back to your heart which is proven to speed recovery, maximize circulation and reduce fatigue. Four zones of graduated compression help support and revitalize tired muscles, minimize swelling and reduce fatigue.

    Ideal for minor to moderate varicose veins, plantar fasciitis pain, exercise and recovery, flying and travel, prolonged sitting and standing, and pregnancy.